Our facilities

Our facilities

Serving Dade, Broward & Palm Beach Counties Networking Needs for over 23 Years.

Building & Security:

  1. Every Room in the Facility has Motion Detectors Redundant Motion detectors in NOC Motion Detectors in Hallways Motion Detectors in Storage Area All Entrance/Exit Doors have Open/Close Sensors All Doors to Facility are made of Metal
  2. 7 X 24 Central Station Monitoring of All Alarms + Cellular Backup Kirch Scramble PAD with Model 8 and Model PS/2 Controller and backup UPS - 168 Bit encryption on entry/exit + logging
  3. NOC Doors covered with 4 Mil Armor Coat
  4. Doors are held in place by redundant 3200lb pull Electro-magnetic Locks T – Beam Concrete Roof Construction Concrete Block Walls on all sides Facility is in a Location where there is no Danger of Flooding
  5. 8 camera DVR system with 31 day recording retention
  6. Automation system, controlling all A/C’s and lighting Colocation Facility located on Zone X flood plain, - 100 yr no Flood Zone

Raised Flooring:

Heavy Duty All Metal Construction with Insta-guard Static Discharge Technology


  1. Quadruple redundant 5 ton Air Conditioners with separate thermostats/Condensers for the NOC.
  2. A separate 5 ton Air conditioner is used for cooling the front of the office.
  3. We have Spot coolers located 600 ft away from our offices, for emergency backup A/C systems + additional redundant generators


Dedicated Servers
  1. Dedicated Servers
  2. Generator with Auto Switch 150 gallon fuel supply & an additional 400 gallon DOT approved mobile Diesel fuel Supply, which can be transported for refueling
  3. Have multiple contracts with 2 emergency refueling stations


  1. Redundant power feeds coming in separately from the front and rear of building, going to separate power meters and on separate Automatic transfer switches, each one running completely independently of each other.
  2. 3000VA ONLINE UPS’s in every Rack, Dual 3000VA units in high density Racks Spare 3000VA UPS’s on emergency standby.


  1. Black Steel APW 7ft Racks on Wheels with Glass Doors, Locks in front & Back of cabinets.
  2. APC Fan trays installed on top of every Cabinet for additional Air Flow.
  3. APC400 Automated Fan doors are also installed in the Racks to provide increased Cooling & airflow All Racks are locked
Dedicated Servers


  1. 4 - Redundant Layer 4 Routers running BGP4, STP, OSPF, VRRP & TSPCP.
  2. Master Routers have Redundant Power Supplies, Redundant Control Modules, Redundant Flash Cards, redundant Fabric Modules & Redundant Ethernet Modules.
  3. Slave Routers have Redundant Power Supplies & Redundant Ethernet Modules Backup Emergency Spares of every Single Network Router/Switch/Component in Facility.
  4. IP Blocking Done Redundantly throughout the Core Routers, only opening necessary ports to the outside world, everything else is locked down.
  5. Watchguard enterprise Firewalls in Place, using GAV, IPS, REPUTATION DEFENSE & SPAMBLOCKER to protect infrastructure.
  6. Every Router and every switch in the facility is not only redundant, but we have spares standing by for every piece of networking equipment in the facility and out at the client’s premises – Routers, Switches, & Servers - for those who use us for online backups, etc.


All Switches have Triple Redundant links cross-connected to each one of the Routers

Internet Connections:

  1. Xo Communications
  2. Cogent

We have Multiple Gig-E Fibers in the facility each with 26 redundant fiber pairs, going to 2 separate transit Providers, AT&T and Florida Power & light. The internet connections listed above are each connected separately to each of the transit providers.

IP addresses:

  1. We own 32 class C’s, 8192 ip addresses
  2. We also have our own autonomous system number for BGP 4 redundancy

Monitoring & Traffic Management Systems:

Dedicated Servers
  1. Dedicated Servers
  2. Webalizer for Shared Web Clients
  3. MRTG running redundantly on 2 Linux servers for Bandwidth Monitoring TSMON running redundantly on 2 Linux Servers for Radius Monitoring Whats Up Gold Enterprise for Network and Application Monitoring


  1. Backup to disk – Triple Redundant 8 core Xeon enterprise Backup servers, each running raid 6 enclosures, rotations done every day, the backups switch between the servers, so 1 day will run on 1, the next on the other and so on.
  2. Symantec Backup Software on each of the 3 servers.
  3. Separate Gig Network & Switches being used exclusively for Backup Purposes Emergency spares of the drives are kept at all times in case of a failure for immediate replacement.

Additional Services:

  1. IP Protocol Blocking Available for Increased Security on Servers – Running Redundantly on Several Routers Load Balancing of multiple Servers available Server Rentals Available.
  2. Mail Services
  3. DNS Services
  4. Shared Web Services
  5. Maintenance Contracts of Servers on a Daily/Weekly or Monthly Basis - Either at our Facility or at customer Premise.
  6. 7 X 24 X 365 Day Monitoring with Emergency Response.


Our engineers specialize in Networking and High Redundancy Connectivity and Security Setups, We have experience in All windows server environments’ from windows NT 4.0 through Server 2012, as well as Novell, Linux, Unix, Sun, and Mac Os Platforms also DB platform suchs as MYSQL and SQL . We also specialize in firewall and security lockdown of our client’s networks and applications, using either Watchguard enterprise firewalls or Client’s existing routers using IP lockdown or ACL’s.

About Us

About Us

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